Hiking trails:

The Martimoaapa is a nature reserve so there are strict rules to move around in the area. It is recommended to use only marked trails and camping sites at the summer time. In winter time, you can move more freely.

There are several wilderness huts, lean-to shelters and campfire sites in Martimoaapa, which can be used for hiking trips of several days. Especially in winter, when the swamps carry, one can make longer ski trips.

More information to hike to Martimoaapa in Nationalparks.fi site.
Specific trail routes can found in Retkikartta.fi map service


The Nature Trail, 3km
for children with a fairy-tale theme

The Keski-Penikka observation tower trail, 2km/one way
demanding but short track to the Keski-Penikka's observation tower

The Järviaapa Trail, 9km
encircles the Järviaapa area

The Martimoaapa hiking trail, 12,8km
passes through the Martimoaapa Mire Reserve

The Lautiosaari - Puukkokumpu hiking trail, 36km
Cross-country Skiing trail

Snowmobile track
which starts from Kemi and passes through the western part of Martimoaapa