Martimoaapa Mire Reserve

Area: Mire Reserve
Location: Simo/Keminmaa, South-Lapland (about 20 km northeast of Kemi)
Acreage: 134 km2
Founded:     1981
Management: Metsähallitus, Lapin luontopalvelut
Park Attendants: Hely Juntunen, Metsähallitus
Specialty: Natura 2000 area
Official website:

The Martimoaapa - Lumiaapa - Penikat Mire Reserve is one of the Northern Finland's most important places designated for the protection of mires. It is also significant in the protection of threatened birds. In addition to mires there are also prominent old-growth forests in the reserve.

Martimoaapa mire reserve was founded 1981. Metsähallitus is the management of the area. Martimoaapa are located in the Northern Finland, about 20 km northeast of Kemi. Northwestern part of the region, Keskipenikka ja Helkkunen, are located on the Keminmaa municipality side.

Activities: Hiking, berry and mushroom picking, fishing, hunting, skiing, trail running, snowkiting, bird watching



The Martimoaapa is one of Northern Finland's most important places designated for the protection of mires. There are a variety of mire types at Martimoaapa area.



Forests which are very close in their natural state can be found on the slopes of the Kivalot Hills and in the south part of the reserve. Young spruce islets which have been planted within the mire reserve are to be restored so that they resemble their natural state and so that they would be more diverse habitats.


The Martimoaapa is nationally significant mire entity. Birds can be observed for example from one of the area's three bird watching towers located on the north side of Lake Martimojärvi, on top of Keski-Penikka Hill and on the Nature trail.


The Kivalot is a 100 km long chain of high hills. The chain reaches as far north as Eastern Lapland. A part of this chain called the Penikat Hills is within the mire reserve.


    Fishing is allowed in the reserve if you have paid the fishing management fee. Lake Martimojärvi and Martimo-oja river fishermen can look forward to catching perch, pike and bream as well as whitefish.


    Martimoaapa is a habitat for many mammals. The mires serve as summer pastures for deer and reindeer. Bears, lynxes and wolves can pass through large predators in the area. There is also an otter on the Martimo-oja stream.

      Forest fire warnings

      When a forest fire warning is in force, it is forbidden to have an open fire in or near a forest. Caution is also needed when handling fire during a grass fire warning.


      Ilmatieteen laitos's local weather observations at Simo. (Kemi Kemi-Tornio airport)


      You can find geoaches at Martimoaapa.
      Note that the Martimoaapa is a nature reserve so there are strict rules to move around in the area. This is also the reason why this cache is a virtual.


      Hunting of small game is allowed in Martimoaapa area.