- Wilderness hut

Kaltiolampi hut
Kaltiolampi hut
Kaltiolampi stand
Kaltiolampi stove
Kaltiolampi hut inside
Kaltiolampi beds
Beds:4 persons
Toilet:Dry toilet
Coordinates:lat: 65.83724 ° lon: 24.98244 °
Map:Wilderness hut at map
Considerations:The hut does not have a water supply. Surface water, for example from streams, should be boiled before drinking
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The old hut has been demolishded and the new hut has been transferred to the place from Pisavaara Nature Reserve. The new has been renovated in summer 2019.

The hut is located in the Ala-Penikka area in the western part of the Mire Reserve Area.

The old Kaltiolampi hut has been demolished in summer 2017.

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